Corinna – A Wild Tasmanian Escape!

a62b18f49ec8f556a1b4c59419eb7071In today’s world finding a place to truly escape is increasingly difficult. There’s almost always mobile reception and with Wi-Fi internet access being one of the first things a lot of travellers look for in a hotel, most places make it a priority. So when we heard that Corinna was free from these often-invasive elements we jumped at the chance to spend some time there.

The wilderness experience begins with the journey to town. The tar ends at Savage River, some 24 kilometers away and becomes a white gravel road that meanders and undulates through the lush green Tarkine Rainforest. Dense stands of ferns and huge trees create a sense of stepping back in time to when the earth was primitive. Finally you arrive at your destination, the tiny town of Corinna.

wes_beckett_falls_1600Nestled on the banks of the Pieman River, Corinna is an oasis. This once bustling mining settlement is now a place for intrepid travellers to get away from the noise and chaos of everyday life and experience something that only Tassie can offer. It’s a rugged landscape where the rainforest runs all the way to the wild west coast and despite the raw surrounds, the accommodation on offer is nothing short of ideal. Not so much in that it’s a luxury, 5 star resort, but in that it perfectly suits the environment you’re in and the experience of being there. The overnight options range from one-bedroom cottages to the old pub, capable of sleeping 8. They come with fully equipped kitchens, tidy bathrooms, heating, rainwater tanks and verandahs for you to enjoy your afternoon drinks on.

slider222To keep you entertained during the day there’s plenty to do. Hiking, kayaking, fishing, photography or just relaxing by the fire are all at your doorstep. Howvere one of the highlights of a stay in Corinna is the river cruise. Hop aboard the historic Arcadia II and spend the day winding along the Pieman all the way to the coast where you disembark to enjoy some lunch while exploring the beaches. During the journey you’re given an insight into the past of the region as well as plenty of fascinating tid bits about the endemic flora and fauna. Then when the day draws to an end, head to the tavern for a meal, a few beverages and a chat with the locals or fellow travellers.

Whether it’s a family holiday, a couples escape or a trip with a group of friends, if a wilderness experience is what you’re after, then there are few better and more affordable places to do it.


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