Walindi Resort – New Britain, PNG

Walindi is in a great spot within Kimbe Bay, with ocean views and all the comforts of a modern hotel. You could almost call it a hidden oasis, perched in a sheltered bay and surrounded by tropical rainforest.
To be honest, the quality of this place came a little unexpected. When I first arrived in Papua New Guinea I thought it would be underdeveloped and the accommodation on the basic or rough side of things, but this place was awesome!

The staff are full of smiles and really helpful, and although the resort itself was built for divers, there are plenty of other activities available, including bird watching, hiking, kayaking, snorkelling and guided village tours. But most importantly for a guy like me, there were comfy bungalows, wifi internet access, mobile reception and fantastic food.

When you do as much as I do during the day, good food and a cosy bed are all important…plus, being able to email mum and tell her I’m still alive and having the adventure of a lifetime keeps me in the good books for when I eventually find my way home.

Getting to Walindi Resort is a short flight from Port Moresby to Hoskins airport, West New Britain. While Walindi Resort has much to offer tourist of all types, the primary attraction for visitors are the spectacular diving, pristine reefs and amazing marine life.



  1. DAVE

    I stayed here a couple of years ago. It’s an amazing property and the diving is unbelievable. On the downside, it’s not so child friendly.

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