3 Ways Canada Could Change Your Life in 2017

With a sun that shines around the clock in its northern territories, highways that wind endlessly through iconic mountain ranges, mind-blowing wildlife, the world’s best seafood, and a European history so entrenched that the street signs are displayed in both French and English, it’s no surprise Canada is the ultimate bucket-list destination.

What you may not realise is that visiting Canada in 2017 could send you home a changed person. Here are 3 ways Canada could change your life next year:

1. You’ll expand your vocabulary

Can you say ‘Sesquicentennial’? Visitors to Canada in 2017 will get to know this long, delicious word quick smart as Canada celebrates 150 years of Confederation. This year-long party includes cultural, musical, culinary, and sporting events in every province and territory. Parks Canada is offering free admission to all national parks, national marine conservation areas and 168 National Historic Sites for the entire year.

destination_canada_medium-sized_1190595_toque-foodie-shot2. You’ll become a foodie

Don’t be too quick to judge people who take photographs of their meals. A holiday in Canada might find you doing exactly the same thing. Love seafood? Head east for some of the world’s best lobster, scallops, and clams in the Maritime provinces of Prince Edward Island, Nova Scotia and New Brunswick. Fine dining more your thing? World renowned chefs serve up innovate cuisine in Canada’s vibrant cities.Toque! (Montreal), Buca Yorkyville (Toronto) and Hawksworth Restaurant (Vancouver) were ranked the top three restaurants for 2016 in Canada’s 100 Best Restaurants Guide. Become an amateur sommelier as you get to know the distinct ‘terroir’ of Niagara’s ice-wines or the silky whites and velvety reds of BC’s Okanagan Valley.

destination_canada_medium-sized_1190593_goodweekend103. You’ll become a storyteller

Everywhere you go in Canada you’ll meet colourful characters who embody the culture of their own special corner of the country. Listen to the stories of fisherman in Newfoundland, the dog mushers in Yukon, the farmers in Alberta and the Inuit of Nunavut.  Choose your own adventures and explore Canada your own way. For the ultimate road trip, cruise the Alaska Highway through Yukon as it celebrates its 75th birthday in 2017. Uncover the stories behind the eclectic street art of Montreal; snorkel with hundreds of thousands of salmon in BC’s Campbell River as they come home to spawn. One thing is certain: you’ll return home with mesmerising tales to thrill your friends. Discover Canada’s unique destinations and experiences HERE.

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