A Journey of Thrills in Switzerland

It’s difficult to breath in a situation where fear, anxiety and adrenaline are all present. So combining all of these with high altitude can make for one ‘take your breath away’ experience!

In an effort to increases the summer vibe, the regions of Verbier and Pays du St­ Bernard are making an irresistible offer to all summer adventure seekers, offering extreme activities like paragliding, mountain biking, treetop canopy walks, climbing, 111km X Alpine Trail Run Event and dam wall jumping. Along with the thrill seeking activities it’s also possible to play golf or tennis, explore alpine flora botanical gardens, hike, stand up paddle-board, fish or swim, all with world-class mountain views.

IMG_4056Staring off your vacation in Verbier is ideal. It will allow you to perch high above the valley and see all the adventures that are possible. It’s also a perfect place for acclimatising to the fresh mountain air and spend all day outdoors. Seeking recovery in the evening is extremely important, so finding clean and stylish Swiss accommodation, such as Hotel Bristol, will aid this perfectly. Located in the heart of Verbier, it’s a mere 5 minute stroll to multiple trail heads which can take you over 400km by foot, or there’s 200 km of mountain bike piste also accessible from the town centre. As with all great hotels, tea, coffee, pastries and Swiss chocolate is always available at reception. The opportunity to dine in traditional Swiss style is always an option. The local delicacy of Raclette can be enjoyed at 2000m altitude in the restaurant Marmotte. It is host to a great view over the Val de Bagnes, Verbier and the Combins mountain range.

VIRB Picture
VIRB Picture

The local Herens cows (fighting cows) are a common sight in this region, almost as common as the Paragliders which colour the skies. If it’s extreme sight seeing you’re after, paragliding from 2,500m in the Swiss Alps is certainly one of those moments that you’ll find hard to forget. In Verbier it’s possible to experience the ride with a two-time Swiss Champion of the sport, who can confidently take you into a downward spin with an extreme G force sticking you to your seat – it’s one incredible thrill ride!

To let the rush settle and regain some composure, between extreme activities you can take a short drive to the Mauvoisin Dam, the highest arched dam in Europe. An exhibition of the dams history is documented throughout the manmade tunnels, which also have views of the dam wall structure and surrounding valleys. Another traditional lunch in a peaceful outdoor setting is possible at Hôtel de Mauvoisin, conveniently located at the end of your tour.

Now, cycling in the Alps can sound like hard work, but with E-Bikes becoming a readily available option, traversing 30km of trails can now be done in just over 3-hours with minimal effort. To do this in the company of a guide is very worthwhile. It becomes a history lesson of the region and is complete with a traditional ‘Génépi stop’.

From the intense activities of Verbier to great history of Pays du St Bernard – accommodation in The Great St Bernard Hospice at 2469m altitude is highly recommend. The newly renovated hotel is situated right along side the 1000-year-old hospice at the Grand Col St Bernard. If the location does not tempt you enough, it is fully equipped with a menu of traditional beers and preserves, crafted by the hospice monks.

This small mountain pass attracts people from around the world with different agendas to create an interesting hive of energy. The famous St Bernard dogs can be seen in their summer time kennels, one of the main tourist attractions, along with the hospice providing much needed respite for pilgrims walking The Via Francigena from Canterbury to Rome. Many world travellers also use this border crossing to simply travers from Italy to Switzerland.

From valley to valley, the cheese and traditions vary enormously. New regional flags decorate houses and new adventures can begin and end in every town. From the small village La Fouly it’s possible to climb directly up to “Cabane de l’A Neuve” at 2735 m, this can involve the crossing of snow fields remaining from the winter, if the weather permits. Once safely at the hut, panoramic views of glacier du Dolent and Mont Dolent can be enjoyed over a Rösti – A true mountain necessity! Mont Dolent is home to the intersecting boarders of France, Italy and Switzerland.

Situated on the famous Trail du Mont-Blanc, La Foully is alive with hikers passing through on a daily basis. With an ice-cold river cutting through the village, being fed from the surrounding glaciers, it is a popular location for some downtime and recovery. However if you’re done hiking for the day and still up for some action, a treetop canopy walk or dam wall jumping are great options. What is Dam wall jumping? Basically you wear a hang-gliding harness, get clipped to a rope, and abseil face down a dam wall in a horizontal position from 95 meters high. It’s pretty hard to comprehend, but incredibly exhilarating!

IMG_3904There is a real sense of tradition in the Verbier and Pays du St Bernard regions. The modern day activities available can momentarily force you into the ‘zone’ of sheer fear and focus, but by the end of the day the underlying sense of slow alpine life finds its way back into your mood and allows you to revitalise for the days ahead.

10 days is just enough time to quickly burst through all the activities and experiences, however, if this is a vocation away from the everyday hustle and bustle it’s best to schedule in a few rest days too and leave rejuvenated. Of course that may be a bit difficult if you also take on the 111km Trail Verbier – St Bernard X Alpine or one of the shorter races available. With that kind of mileage in your legs, it’s going to take a few weeks to recover fully! But it will guarantee multiple ‘take your breath away’ moments.

All the details for Activities, Accommodation and Tourism are available below.

IMG_3701 (1)Tourism Support

Verbier Promotion S.A.

Chemin des Marais Verts 9 – CP 300

1936 Verbier

+41 27 775 23 70



Pays du St Bernard

Rte de la Gare 34

CP 92

1937 Orsières

Tél.: +41 27 775 23 81





Trail Verbier – St Bernard

2017, July 7-8-9th.



Fly Verbier Paragliding

+41 27 771 68 18



Mauvoisin Dam



E-bike rental at Backside
Rue de Médran
1936 Verbier



St Bernard Dogs



Cabane de l’A Neuve

Tél. +41 27 783 24 24



Treetop Canopy Walk



Dam Jumping

Tél. +41 27 395 45 55

Case postale 704

1965 Savièse

e-mail: info@nolimitscanyon.ch



Alpine Flora Garden – “Flore­Alpe”

Jardin botanique alpin Flore-Alpe

Case postale 26

CH-1937 Orsières

Téléphone / Fax: +41 (0)27 783 12 17





La Marmotte

Les Planards
1936 Verbier
+41 27 771 68 34



tel de Mauvoisin

Route de Mauvoisin 543
1948 Fionnay
+41 (0)27 778 11 30



Le Millénium

Rue de Médran
1936 Verbier
+41 27 771 99 00



Chez Martin

Rte de Verbier Station 100

1936 Verbier
+41 27 771 22 52



Hotel Bristol
Route des Creux 4
1936 Verbier
+41 27 771 65 77



Auberge de lHospice

Famille Boisseaux­Monod

CH­1946 Bourg­Saint­Pierre

Tel. +41 27 787 11 53




L’Auberge des Glaciers”

Maurice et Mauricette Amiot
CH ­ 1944 La Fouly
Tel. +41 27 783 11 71



Hotel Alpina

Route du Signal 32
1938 Champex­Lac
T. +41 27 783 18 92
F. +41 27 783 34 94




Cabane de Val Sorey

CH-1946 Bourg-St-Pierre

Tél : +41 (0)27 787 11 22


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