Visit Korea This Autumn for Some Festival Fun

Autumn is the best season to visit Korea not only for the spectacular Autumn foliage that can be seen around the country but some of the best festivals of the year are held during the Autumn months of October/November.

570685_num1165151_600x600Take your pick from music and dance festivals to the many cultural and historic festivals held annually in Korea. Many are held at Korea’s major tourist sites and UNESCO world heritage villages like the Andong Hahoe Folk Village which is a living museum for visitors to enjoy.

Highlights of the Andong Mask Dance Festival include the Hahoe masked dance dramas where often the audience members join the performers to dance together. Travel back in time in this ancient village and see the life of Koreans through the centuries.

30 September – 9 October, 2016 – See

The Jinju Namgang Yudeung Festival is one of lanterns floating on the Namgang River near the Jinjuseong Fortress. It is an historic site where the Jinju Battle, one of three battles during the Japanese invasion of Korea of 1592 took place. During the battle, soldiers and people floated lanterns on the river to communicate with each other.

1 – 16 October, 2016 – See

The Jarasum International Jazz Festival is held every autumn when the leaves begin to turn into vibrant colours on Jarasum Island. Located in the Gyeonggi province close to Seoul the Australian War Memorial to Australian soldiers who died in the Korean War is also in this area. The festival brings some of the world’s most prominent jazz musicians to Korea for the festival.

1 – 3 October, 2016 – See

Autumn is harvest season in Korea and there are many cultural festivals related to the land.

Sancheong Medicinal Herb Festival – 30 September – 10 October, 2016 –

Icheon Rice Cultural Festival 19-23 October, 2016 –

Ganggyeong Fermented Seafood Festival – 12-16 October, 2016 –

Sunchang Fermented Soybean Festival – 13-16 October, 2016 –

Goesan Red Pepper Festival – 1-4 September, 2016 –

570685_num1165152_600x600Historic festivals like the Hanseong Cultural Festival allow a great understanding of Korea’s long history. Hanseong Baekje is the area where the history of Seoul began 2,000 years ago. The highlight of this festival is the History and Culture Street Parade and visitors can enjoy experience programs such as wearing costumes of Baekje, making Baekje pottery and archery.

6-9 October, 2016 –

Nearby Busan, the Dongnae Eupseong History Festival allows visitors to experience the exciting performances and join in the very unique Korean tug of war (Dongnae) in which thousands of people join in the fun. Visitors can enjoy the nearby hot springs and taste the famous Korean green onion pancake (Dongnae pajeon)

7-9 October, 2016 –

These are just some of the festivals taking place around Korea this Autumn. If you are visiting the country during September-November there could be no better time to fully immerse yourself in the culture and history of Korea.

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