Narrow Door Cafe – Tainan, Taiwan

Taiwan is a place full of quirk and unique culture, but while strolling through the streets in the city of Tainan, The Travel Bug crew came across this place – The Narrow Door Café.

In Tainan there is a movement to turn old buildings into funky hangouts for the trendy types, instead of letting them get torn down and replaced by buildings that lack any history or character. One such place is this hole-in-the-wall café. The Narrow Door Cafe gets its name from the tiny gap between two buildings that allows access to the second floor cafe. The 40cm wide entrance acts as a natural deterrent to the overweight and lends some novelty to the venue.

The Narrow Door Cafe is in a wonderfully old building on Nanmen Road, right across from the Confucian Temple. Its multi-paned wooden windows offer delightful views of the temple grounds. Both the floors and high ceilings are old, dark wood and the decor is rustic and appealing. It’s a fairly spacious and dark establishment with twin dining areas separated by a doorway. It’s the sort of place you would expect t find in Europe, not in the streets of a Taiwanese city. The atmosphere is cosy, peaceful and comfortable, perfect for an afternoon coffee with a friend or good book.

The menu has all sorts of specialty coffees and other drinks, although the pricing is fairly high with juices costing NT$120 – 150 and specialty coffee NT$120 – 180.

There are simple desserts and snacks such as croissants, toasts, and cookies for NT$60 – 100, Plus meals like Thai pork curry or vegetarian hot pot going for about NT$260. On Saturdays and Sundays they offer western-style breakfasts during brunch hours.

There is an NT$120 per person minimum charge and they have English menus.

The Narrow Door Café is open Monday to Friday, 11:00am – 11:00pm and Saturday and Sunday, 9:00am – 11:00pm.

Address: No. 67 Nanmen Road, West Central District, Tainan City (across from the Confucian Temple).

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