Alpinamente – Eyewear for the Active Traveller

Active travel is an increasing trend. Where once people went abroad to relax, visit theme parks or party, nowadays there’s a big move towards more healthy pursuits and making the most of your time abroad by hitting the trails and hiking, cycling or even running as a means by which to explore your surrounds. This movement towards seeing the world under our own steam means we need the right gear for the job. Lightweight, quick drying clothes, hiking packs, Gore-tex raincoats and boots are something most active travellers already have in their arsenal, but suitable eyewear is something at the bottom of our lists. Most of the time we opt for a fashionable pair of shades instead of the sporting kind. Which in all honesty makes sense. Not many of us are willing to walk around town in sunnies that a professional cyclist would wear. They’re not exactly flattering when you’re in dinner attire!

This is where Alpinamente eyewear comes in. Born in the mountains of Italy, they have all the style you would expect from a nation that brought us the likes of Gucci, Armani and Versace, however it’s fused with more practical elements that lend them to being ideal for travellers. A visit to their website will give you the impression they are designed purely for athletes, however clearly they have wider applications. The need for comfort when on the go and durability in design are traits you want in accessories when traversing the globe and living from a backpack. UV protection and clear vision in bright light are obvious requirements too, but the addition of water and oil repellent coatings plus an anti-smudge treatment keeps the lenses clean from sweat and dirt. They’re also chemically treated to increase scratch resistance, plus they’re bounce proof. It’s these features that take Alpinamnte from just fashion eyewear, to functional sunnies for the adventurous. There are frame colours and lenses to suit most tastes, but if you’re anything like me you’ll go for a couple pairs – one bright and lairy, the other more conservative.

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