Eurail Pass – The Best Way to Travel!

eurailThere’s no better way to travel around Europe than on the rail system. The scenery is beautiful, the trains are fast, clean and efficient, and with a Eurail Pass the seemingly endless train tracks that crisscross the continent become easily accessible and hugely inexpensive. Throw into the mix discounted or even free travel on many of the ferry routes across Europe and you’ve got the whole place covered!

BrŸnig Goldenpass PanoramicEssentially the passes are like a passport, where depending on the type you purchase you get a set period of time and a number of countries you can travel through. The pass covers 24 countries and thousands of amazing destinations. There’s a pass to suit most periods of travel and different prices for age groups. Once you have your pass it’s straight-forward to book your individual tickets for each leg of your journey. But be sure to make bookings well in advance, particularly during peak periods. Also, check out the other bonuses you get with your pass. There’s hotel savings, admission to various attractions, meal discounts and more.

Planning and booking is very easy and can be done online or at one of the train stations once you’re in Europe. Just be sure to fill in your Eurail pass as you go and order it a couple of months before travelling so there’s plenty of time for it to be delivered.

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