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Hedgren Take-Off LW

image_2When you go on a holiday a good suitcase is all-important. It can mean the difference between arriving at your destination with a mess of wrinkled clothes and your toiletries lost in amongst your shoes, or turning up to your hotel and being able to put your swimmers on and hit the beach without having to worry about unpacking and getting your things organised….That’s how I like to start a holiday!

Quality luggage with the frequent traveller in mind has various features that enable you to not only have the confidence that your bags will arrive in one piece, but also that the precious cargo within will be neatly arranged and in an order that makes unloading at the other end either unnecessary or quick and easy.

The Hedgren Transfer range, in particular the Take-Off duffle bags, are top of the line, lightweight, trolley bags that have the serious traveller in mind. The sturdy construction, water repellent material, super strong zippers and multiple pockets makes it the perfect companion for those that like to be organised and have a bag that can handle even the roughest of baggage handlers. We love the rock-solid trolley and stylish design, as well as the lightweight construction and heavy-duty straps. In all it’s about as good as a duffle bag can get!

600 D Polyster
DWR Durable Water Repellent
2 interior pockets
Telescopic Handle
Double compartment
Address Label
Buckled Straps to hold down clothes
Wrap Handle

Dimensions: 77cm x 38cm x 35cm
Weight: 3.7 kg
Size: 102 Litres

Available in four colours – We like the black as it doesn’t get dirty!

RRP $329



    For the last year I have been using the standard rigid suitcase with the built in trolley. It’s been great for keeping everything wrinkle free, however it really is starting to look worse for wear.
    I’ve thought of changing to a softer duffle bag for a while now as our bags are constantly getting crushed under hundreds of kilo’s of camera equipment, are always being crammed into small spaces, for example boats, 4 wheel drives, trucks, elephants, planes, you name it. The problem is its rigidity, its shape is now starting to distort and it’s going down hill fast. I think if my bag was softer, then it would last longer, as long as it is constructed well.
    Another important feature for me would have to be the carrying strap, the trolly is great when you have an available path, but for us that would be 20 percent of the time, as we find ourselves in some pretty remote areas with no roads and therefore lots of carrying, slinging it over my shoulder sounds way more comfortable than carrying a 20kg suitcase over a mountain path.
    If you think It sounds as if I’ve over-thought this, well you’d be right, I thought about it a lot in Sumatra where we had to carry our gear through mud and rain often.

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