Review: A Theory of Moments

a-theory-of-momentsA Theory of Moments, By James Knight

James Knight was closing in on his fortieth birthday and weary of simply existing. For him, there had to be more to life than working 9 to 5 for your pay packet and being part of the competitive culture that many of us city dwellers fall victim to. As a bipolar sufferer who’d had some significant battles in his life, shortly after learning of the death of his friend’s mother, James learnt to appreciate the importance of living in the moment. After talking to his wife, Clare, about how he was feeling, they decided to turn their backs on a comfortable existence in Sydney’s middle-class suburbia for a year-long backpackers’ trip through South America and Africa, with pit stops in New York and the UK. It was to be a journey of self discovery and adventure, where every moment was to be spent taking in new experiences. James and Clare would do volunteer work, learn Spanish and dance wherever and whenever they could!

This is a fantastic book for anyone with a passion for travel or those looking for a way to escape the everyday and vicariously experience the diversity of life that journeying brings. It’s a fun and inspiring read that will no doubt stir the travel bug within.

Publisher: Hachette Australia

RRP $35

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