Review – Wild Adventures: Curtis Island

CoverThere’s only one way to describe Johnny Mitchell: a modern day Malcolm Douglas. He’s an all-Aussie adventurer with a love of the bush and passion for understanding the wild world around him. Over the past few years he’s turned from fishing guide to videographer, sharing his knowledge through a series of DVD’s covering everything form his favourite fishing locales to how to catch mud crabs. This latest addition to the Johnny Mitchell library is his best yet!

Believe it or not, but everything from filming and editing, to recording the voiceover is done by Johnny. It’s a home-grown production that has a quality beyond that which you’d expect from a guy that rarely ever wears shoes! The vision has been collected over a number of years and only someone with an incredible love for the subject matter and an in-depth knowledge of it could ever create something of this nature.

Wild Adventures: Curtis Island is an explorative documentary that tells the story of a remarkable landscape off the coast of central Queensland. It’s a remote place that cattle farmers have tried to tame. But as Johnny shows the viewer, even after a century or more of man’s influence, Curtis Island is an ever-changing and unpredictable beast that no matter how long you’ve been there, it will always surprise.

With over an hour and a half of content, including rarely seen footage of wild pigs, cattlemen and wonders of Mother Nature, this DVD is for lovers of an old-school Australian bush adventure, and those of you after a unique perspective on an even more unique landscape.

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