Super Smart Tag – For smart travellers

The biggest worry for a lot of travellers when they check their bags in and take their seat on the plane is whether or not their luggage will be there at the other end. Well, the solution to lost bags is to get yourself a set of these. If you travel a lot then Super Smart Tags are a great idea. They enable you to travel with confidence, knowing that should you leave your bag on a train or find your suitcase not be on the baggage carousel, if the person that finds it is honest, well chances are you’ll get your items back.

The way it works is that you register your tag with your personal details and then update your travel plans each time you head away. Then if your bag is found, the person that comes across it just has to visit and click on the Report Found Tag button. Then in a matter of a few clicks they can let the super smart tag people know where your bags are suitable arrangements can be made for you to get your things back – simple!

Cost: $24.95




    I am concerned about putting my itinerary on the tag – can anyone who finds the tag get this information, or do you act as an intermediate and contact me? I do not feel safe having anyone find out which hotel I am staying at or how long I will be away from home.

    Also, I have bought several tags, is there anyway to link these or must they be registered individually.


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      Hi Kristy. The best thing to do is visit and contact the distributor directly. As far as we know your information is very secure and anyone that finds your tag has to go via an intermediary who then makes contact with you. I don’t think you can link your tags.

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