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DR5001-T01G50_img01_nrmCrumpler Dry Red No 5

Travelling frequently and with everything from important documents to laptops and stationary, the team at The Travel Bug know how important it is to have a high quality and versatile backpack. Keeping organised on the road and being able to easily access your things makes life so much easier when you’re busy on either a work trip or holiday!

5644_1_FThe Dry Red No 5 is the bag of choice for those looking for a multi-tasking pack with added style. It’s quite compact for the amount of space it provides and is made for those that like to have everything in it’s own place. It features a really helpful mini office organiser in the front, a sturdy padded sleeve for a 15-inch MacBook or similar at the rear, and in the middle there’s an expandable cargo space for all your other things. To keep your plugs and chargers in order, it even comes with its own cable pouch.

In all there’s nothing we could fault with this bag. The price is right for something of such quality and the build quality means it will last a lifetime.

RRP A$195




  • Front zippered pocket with business card holder, four-compartment organiser, document pouch and key loop
  • Twin gripper zippered interior cargo space
  • Interior zippered pocket with mesh panel
  • Interior document sleeve
  • Side-opening, fully padded zippered 15-inch laptop compartment
  • Cable pouch


Left to their own devices, cables have a habit of making themselves scarce. Keep them in this pouch, and they’ll always all be in the same place and time zone as you.


Excess baggage to carry? Just unzip the No. 5’s expanding gusset and you’ll find extra storage at your disposal in the bag’s main cargo area.


Wide, body contoured and padded for extra comfort, the fully adjustable ergonomic harness distributes weight evenly across your shoulders.


Featuring neoprene panels and foam cushioning for maximum comfort, the top carry handles mould to match the natural contours of your hand and fingers.


To help wick away perspiration, the rear of the bag and underside of its harness both feature Air Mesh padding, while the rear venting system keeps fresh air circulating between the bag and your back.


The bag outer is made from water resistant materials.


Before you take your Dry Red on a holiday or business trip, we take it to hell and back – a travel simulation torture test that sees every prototype dropped, dragged, beat up and opened and closed umpteen thousand times. A bag that survives that can survive anything.

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