Review: The North Face Ventrix Jacket

The old saying ‘First impressions last’ is what immediately comes to mind when typing this review. Like all products, a buyer’s initial thoughts on an item are guided by the aesthetic. There’s no denying that when it comes to clothing, as functional as something can be, it has to look good too. So when we received our little package from the guys at The North Face and unwrapped it in the office, we were stoked to unveil a bit of kit that looks as good as this. In the back of my mind I was expecting another of the fairly standard puffer jackets that every second Eastern Suburbs local has on when they grab their morning coffee adorning their latest active wear. But thankfully I was surprised that the Ventrix brings a new look to hooded winter fashion.

The cut is quite fitted and athletic, giving it a more tailored feel than a puffer and leaving you free to move about comfortably. This design means you can wear it while hiking, running, skiing, rock climbing or whatever outdoor pursuit you’re into. It also means it looks just as at home in the bar after a day on the slopes as it does when you’re standing on the top of a mountain. Now I know what you’re thinking, if it’s like any other puffer jacket or similar in the marketplace then the minute you get the heart rate up it’s going to get real sweaty inside. Well it seems the ‘venting’ gimmick has plenty of substance to it.

The technical guide to the jacket says there are micro vents that open and close to regulate your body temperature. This breathability is something very hard to achieve in garments that are supposed to keep you warm in cooler climes. Most of the time you either get too hot, or too bloody cold as drafts blow through the ventilation. However in the Ventrix the designers have found a great balance. While I wouldn’t suggest wearing one in alpine winter conditions, it’s perfectly suited to temperatures from 0 to 15 degrees, assuming you’re on the move. It’s also lightweight, that said it doesn’t compress as much as a down jacket.

I look at the Ventrix jacket as being a go to for when you want one jacket to cover you both when you’re hiking or skiing, and for then the day is over and you want a nice looking bit of apparel to wear to the pub.

You can shop the Ventrix range here:

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