21 Travel Tips!

It’s the little things that count. Whether you’re going on a weekend away or planning a more extensive journey abroad, if you get all the seemingly small things in order you not only get the most out of your time away, you also maximise the memories afterward. So next time you’re going a holiday away, make sure you go through this list of travel tips.


  1. When packing, divide your money into separate bags or clothes pockets. This keeps it safer from thieves and pickpockets.
  2. Take a photocopy of your passport and any visas you have and travel with one copy and leave another copy at home with family. They can save your day if these valuable items are lost or damaged.
  3. Take a small hard drive with you when you travel. You can use it to backup all your digital photos and travel documents, plus get picks from other travellers you meet along the way.
  4. Take a ‘Travel Diary’ on the road. You can get people you meet along the way to sign it with a special message, as well as leave their contact details so you can stay in touch.
  5. Sometimes a small digital camera is far more practical and better than a larger SLR. Because they’re easier to travel with, inexpensive and less imposing to point at people, it makes you more likely to use them a lot! What matters most is getting the shot.
  6. Less is more! Often we over pack for trips away. Those clothes that you ‘Might’ wear, generally never leave your suitcase. Keep it simple, and while it might sound grubby, choose dark clothes that will look cleaner for longer.
  7. Start a special Facebook or Twitter account to keep friends and family up to date with your travels. It’s easier than having to write huge emails or email people individually.
  8. Research, research, research! The more you plan, the less likely you are to be disappointed. That said, keep open minded because some of the best experiences are those that are unplanned.
  9. Rest at the start of your trip. It’s important to get over the stress and fatigue of flying before you go flat out. The last thing you want to do is get sick at the beginning of a holiday.
  10. Take a few presents from home. It’s always nice to have a simple gift to give to people you meet when on a holiday. It’s amazing how much impact a token gesture can have!
  11. Be adventurous! When you’re travelling try new things like the local cuisine or an activity you’ve never done. Stepping outside the box will give you lifelong memories.
  12. Learn the local terms for hello, goodbye and thank you. It’s amazing the impact a little effort like this can have on the people you meet on the road.
  13. Compression sox are great for long trips, whether it be a plane, train, car or bus. They will make you feel a million dollars at the other end. You can buy them at most pharmacies.
  14. Pack earplugs! Not only are they great for flying or if a travel companion snores, they are a lifesaver if there’s traffic or construction where you’re staying.
  15. Take a simple toiletries kit and change of clothes as part of your in-flight baggage. If your bags get lost in transit you’ll be better equipped for a day or two without your things.
  16. Use a shower cap as a quick and flexible cover for your camera. Shower caps are great for covering your lens or even entire camera if you want to be quickly pulling it out and then protecting it in a moist environment.
  17. Local knowledge is invaluable! Talk to the local residents about what to see and do on the area you’re visiting. They generally know a few off the beaten track places the tourists tend to miss.
  18. Pack a basic medical kit in your luggage. Include bandaids, pain-killers, disinfectant, electrolyte replacement pills, a broad spectrum antibiotic, diarrhoea treatment and flu tablets.
  19. Keep the label. Often when you’re travelling you drink a beer or wine that you love, but can’t remember what it was! Keep the label and pop it into your passport wallet, that way you’ll never forget.
  20. Take photos of signs and information boards. This way you’ll never forget a place name or the interesting information that you read on displays.
  21. Be a tourist and buy postcards! Generally the postcards are better than your own picks, and you can take a few notes on the back for future reference.



    Tip # 10 – pressies from home. When I went to Japan (back in the 80’s), I took some new 50cent coins – the many sided ones. They went over a treat:)
    Tip # 6 – too many clothes. A travel agent friend told me – pack you suit case, take it all out and put half away, pack again! And you can probably do it again. I take far too many shoes:(
    Tip # 15 – on board change of cloths. Excellent tip – happened to me with unexpected layover in Bahrain. You try and get suitable clothing in Bahrain!
    My Tip – photos. When I was taking pics, it was with film so didn’t have as many as would have had with digital. I kept a notebook and each time I took a pic, I wrote down the number and where. When they were printed, I knew where they were taken. I would do the same thing now with digital.


    The compression socks are amazing… I was so sceptical at first, but they really do work. I wouldn’t leave home without them even on a short 4 hour flight. The earplugs too are a great idea. The noise of the plane adds to the fatigue at the other end, and it really makes all the difference for me.

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