Capturing Your Memories – Part 3

Travel Journal

A travel journal is a more personal way to retain the memories and also important information of a road trip. There are a few options as to how to do it. Firstly, you can create an online journal, or blogg. For the less web-savvy among you, a blogg is an electronic diary, where you can write your daily happenings, upload photos and videos of your adventures, and even allow others to post comments. Blogging allows an immediate way for others to keep track of you while you’re away. It’s an extremely popular hobby, but best of all, it’s free!

The more information you put in your journal, the better! Use it like a scrapbook and glue in postcards, receipts, photos and tickets. Plus get people to sign it and leave their contact details and a message.

Option two is to make a scrapbook. But this is something that’s best done when you’re not touring or at least when you’ve set up a base camp for a couple of weeks and have plenty of time to put al the pieces together and get photos processed.

The third choice is a more traditional travel journal. It can take the form of a simple notepad filled with scrawled notes, or be an extravagant leather-bound book. Either way, here are some ideas to help you capture all those memorable moments and detail your journey of a lifetime.

One thing I always do is keep all my tickets and entry passes to venues or theme parks I visit.  They act as simple reminders of what you’ve done, and often contain helpful information like when you did it, how much it cost, and contact details should you ever want to go again or recommend it to someone else. This goes for receipts too. It’s a good way to keep track of expenditure and look at ways of adjusting your budget.

Another idea is that every time you refuel the car, quickly note the location, how many kilometers since the last fill up, how much fuel you put in, and the cost of the tank of gas. This is how you can keep track of your vehicles economy, the fuel prices along the way and how many kilometers you’re covering. This is the sort of valuable ‘data’ that not only helps with future planning, but with monitoring how your car is performing. If economy is starting to get noticeably poor, then maybe it’s time for a tune up?

It’s quick, easy and generally free to create an online blog. What’s more, it makes it easy for friends and family to keep up with what you’re up to.

My third and final tip, and arguably the most important, is to use your journal like a guest book at a van park. Get people you meet along the way to sign it and leave a message with their contact details. This will help you keep in touch with newfound friends as your journey continues!

TIP: Postcards are inexpensive and can take the place of photos in your journal without the hassle of getting your own images printed while on the road. You can also use the back of them to write a few notes about the place our visiting.

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