Stay Hydrated when Travelling

Hydralyte-Electrolyte-Effervescent-Orange-20-tabletsWhen it comes to having a good time, staying healthy when travelling is about as important as anything else. And in the unfortunate circumstance that you get the delightfully named ‘Traveller’s Diarrhoea’ you’ll want to be on the mend as quickly as possible. Well, as part of everyone’s vacation kit should be a tube of this stuff – Hydralyte. It’s one of the quickest and easiest ways to overcome many of the effects of dehydration caused by illness, long haul flights, lots of sun, excessive alcohol consumption and increased physical activity.

Basically, one dose of this tasty drink (created by dropping two tablets into a glass of water) contains lots of the stuff that you lose when you have an upset stomach or expose yourself to conditions and activities that lead to dehydration. Not just for when you’re sick, it’s also great for when you’re on long flights, playing sport or sweating up a storm in tropical climates.

Along with plasters, headache pills and sunscreen, this should be part of your travel essentials!

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