Top Ten Travel Accessories

Every destination a traveller visits has a particular set of packing requirements. Tropical locations means swimmers and insect repellent are a must. A cool climate equals jumpers and a beanie. But while there are differences in some of the things you take, there’s a definite list of essentials you need no matter where you’re heading. Here’s the what and why that The Travel Bug recommends you always have in your luggage:

Universal Power Adaptor

Instead of having a different plug for each of the places you plan on visiting, pop one of these in your luggage and you’ll have the one connector for every destination.

Basic First Aid Kit

Pack bandaids, headache pills, cold and flu tablets, something for diarrhoea, gastrolyte or a similar rehydration tablet, motion sickness pills and a general disinfectant. If you have the space, a broad spectrum antibiotic is also good in case you get really bad food poisoning.


We’ve all seen a tourist that was so red that they could barely walk properly. Pack sunscreen and use it, or become a lobster yourself.


It sounds obvious, but take a camera and use it a lot. The beauty of a digital camera is you can delete the photos you don’t like later on. If possible, include extra memory cards, a spare battery and get your hands on a waterproof case. Having an all weather case that lets you take photos in shallow water or extreme conditions will mean you use it more and keep your gear protected.

A good pen

Another of the things that seems obvious, yet so many people forget to pack it! From filling out your arrival documents, to signing bills, a pen is a definite must and makes life a lot easier than asking to borrow one or waiting ‘til your at the customs desk.

Hard and soft copies of your documents

If you lose or damage your passport or credit card while on holidays it makes life a lot easier if you have a photocopy or scan of them on a USB drive. It helps with getting replacements, cancelling them, or in the case of your credit card, settling the bill you were trying to pay when you first discovered the card was lost! Also, take copies of tickets, hotel bookings and itineraries.


No matter where you’re going, pack a small, folding raincoat. Not only will it keep you dry in bad weather, they’re great for warmth, protecting cameras in a sudden downpour and sitting on when you’re travelling on small boats or other modes of transport with wet seats.

Water Bottle

It’s another of those things on the obvious list, but too many travellers don’t drink enough water when on holidays and end up dehydrated. Get the hotel to fill it up each day with ‘Safe’ drinking water and you’ll have something to sip on while strolling through the markets or lying on the beach…it will help save you a few pennies too.

Small Backpack/Foldable Bag

A small, folding backpack is the ideal day bag for when you’re going on walks, bike rides or relaxing by the beach. Shoulder bags and handbags can be impractical in a lot of situations and generally they’re not the sorts of accessories you’re willing to throw around or get dirty!

A Good Book…or deck of cards

For the times that you just want to slow down, when you’re on a flight or long train trip somewhere, you can’t beat a good book or game of cards with your travel companions. A lot of us wish we had the time to read a book, so take advantage of the holiday and knock over that novel you’ve been meaning to read. And for those that pack some playing cards, learn a few drinking games or fun group games before leaving for your trip away. They’re a great way to meet new people and share a few laughs.



  1. PETE

    Don’t forget to include a notebook or diary to take notes of all the where, whens, hows and whys of your journey. You can also get people you meet along the way to add their personal detaisl so you can keep in touch.


    Instead of carrying around a soft copy of your passport on a USB that can get easily lost, you should scan it and email it to yourself.


    The universal power adapter really is the best thing since sliced bread.
    I used to carry around a bag of adapters, you know the ones, the type you click onto the interchangeable cord (similar to a Mac Laptop power supply). This bag was bulky and cumbersome, the worst thing was there were too many little pieces floating around that were ultimately being lost.
    That’s when I discovered the Universal Power Adaptor. On a visit to Korea, the press pack we were given by the local tourism organisation had all sorts of goodies inside, but the thing that got our attention was the adaptor.
    It has been a vital part of our kit ever since.
    If you are a frequent traveller then you need to get one, you’ll find them for about $40 dollars at most airports probably cheaper at an electronics market.

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