Meet the Team

Morgan Burrett – Traveller & Presenter

Working as a freelance cameraman since my early 20’s I’ve been bounced around the globe, shooting everything from commercials for major airlines and companies like Red Bull, to documentary series for National Geographic and content for global tourism bodies.
​To really keep me on my toes I’m the host of The Travel Bug TV series. It’s an international adventure travel show that gets me to all the places being a cinematographer leaves out! It air’s all over the planet, on NatGeo in Europe, Al Jazeera in Africa, Netflix in USA and many more countries. When that doesn’t keep me busy I pack my camera gear and hit the road in search of new experiences.

Dave Byrne – Adventurer & Writer

My professional journey started as a journalist for a host of titles, ranging from sport and 4WD magazines, to fishing and lifestyle titles. From there it progressed to video production, first as a writer and now as a producer. However behind the scenes when the suit came off I adorned running apparel and took to the trails to explore the wilderness. My passion for the outdoors grew and what started as a health pursuit became far more than that. No longer was a simple hike or jog in the mountains enough to quench my thirst for adventure. I sort increasingly challenging pursuits which has now seen me travel the globe to remote a far flung destinations to test my mind and body in wild and spectacular places. While video production is my profession, travel and adventure are my passions!


Alex Begetis – Traveller & Cinematographer

As far back as I can remember I have always loved travel. Be it a simple weekend away with friends or spending months on end traversing Europe, you could say that I like to spend my life on the move. Being able to combine this wanderlust with my work is a blessing few get to enjoy. Often people ask me how I can spend so much time living out of a suitcase. My response to them is “How can you spend so much time stuck in an endless routine?” I like to experience all that the world has to offer and then create content that shares the journey with others in the hope they too become inspired to pack their bags a see the world!

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